The Wet Willis


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Procession of the Species

We went to The most fabulous and crazy parade we have ever been to. It is called procession of the species. It is done in celebration of earth day and began here in Oly and now there are processions all over the world. It was so crazy, there were amazing floats (non-motorized of course), dancers, people dressed up in all kinds of costumes, drummers and you name it. The boys really loved it. Before the parade began people brought a bunch of chalk and let everyone draw all over the road. It was really cool. Any way here are some photos. Just another thing to add to the uniqueness of oly.

Gabriel's Second

Gabriel-Jude's Birthday was so much fun. We had it at a local park in oly and invited the family and a couple of friends. He was having so much fun. He fell asleep as soon as he hit the carseat. It was a really great day. We are so thankful to everyone who was there for making his day really wonderful!